Administering Red Hat Linux by Using the System Tools Menu

The System Tools menu of the GNOME and KDE desktops provides access to a set of tools that help you administer Red Hat Linux. The distinction between these tools and the tools provided by the System Settings menu is rather arbitrary. That is, any given tool could as likely have been placed on one menu rather than the other. Generally, items on the System Tools menu perform an action, whereas items on the System Settings menu let you configure a facility. But, exceptions to this rule of thumb abound.

The tools provided by the System Tools menu are:

Disk Management

Provides access to the User Mount Tool, which lets users mount, unmount, and format filesystems

Floppy Formatter (GNOME only)

Provides access to the Format a Floppy tool, which formats floppies

Hardware Browser

Provides access to the Hardware Browser tool, which displays information about system hardware

Internet Configuration Wizard

Provides access to a wizard that assists you in creating new network connections


Provides access to the Kickstart Configurator tool, which lets you specify the parameters for automated installation of Red Hat Linux

Network Device Control

Provides access to the Network Device Control tool, which lets you configure and administer network devices and connections

Red Hat Network

Provides access to the Red Hat Update Agent, which assists Red Hat Network subscribers in updating their systems

System Logs

Provides access to the System Logs ...

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