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Learning Regular Expressions

Video Description

Regular expressions are a powerful tool that can help you to find, replace and format text quickly, but they have a reputation of being extremely hard to understand. In this Regular Expressions training course, expert author and teacher Mike McMillan de-mystifies the sometimes confusing and always-difficult world of Regular Expressions, putting a very powerful tool right at your fingertips.
You will learn how to create Regular Expressions step-by-step, removing the mystery of what the characters represent and how they work together. This training video uses real world scenarios as examples to help re-enforce the lessons. Mike shows you how to validate dates, phone numbers, URLs and emails, as well as how to search for, and correct misspelled words or other content. You will explore how to implement Regular Expressions in PHP, Java, C# and JavaScript.
This video based training course for Regular Expressions is an essential reference for beginner and experienced programmers alike. Once you have completed the tutorial videos, you will have a clear understanding of what Regular Expressions are, and how to use them to solve everyday content formatting problems. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction To Regular Expressions
    1. Introduction Regular Expressions With Mike McMillan 00:02:48
    2. Installing Grep In Windows 00:03:34
    3. Search Strings With Grep 00:03:39
    4. Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Preg_Match In PHP 00:04:06
    5. Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Objects In JavaScript 00:04:02
    6. Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Patterns In C# 00:03:50
    7. Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Classes In Java 00:03:14
    8. Practice Exercise - Part 1 00:03:16
    9. Practice Exercise - Part 2 00:02:37
  2. Using Metacharacters
    1. Exploring Metacharacters Using Grep - Part 1 00:06:51
    2. Exploring Metacharacters Using Grep - Part 2 00:05:13
    3. Exploring Metacharacters Using Grep - Part 3 00:03:32
    4. Shortcuts With Metacharacters 00:03:24
    5. Email Validation With PHP 00:03:46
    6. Zip Code Validation With C# 00:04:26
    7. Creating Word Boundaries With Java 00:02:52
    8. Choosing Alternatives with JavaScript 00:02:53
  3. Matching Text
    1. Matching Text Using Grep - Part 1 00:03:35
    2. Matching Text Using Grep - Part 2 00:02:54
    3. Date Matching With PHP 00:03:29
    4. Time Matching With JavaScript 00:03:20
    5. Matching IP Addresses With C# 00:03:54
    6. Validating URLs Using Java 00:03:01
    7. Practice Exercise - Chapter 3 00:03:21
  4. Modifying Text
    1. Replacing Strings With Java 00:03:41
    2. Replacing Text with PHP 00:03:51
    3. Replacing Duplicate Words With C# 00:02:56
    4. Replacing Numbers Using JavaScript 00:04:22
    5. Practices Exercise - Chapter 4 00:02:46
  5. Advanced Uses For Regular Expressions
    1. The Split Function In Java 00:03:34
    2. Checking Passwords Using JavaScript 00:03:00
    3. Validating URLs With PHP 00:03:35
    4. Verifying A Windows Path With C# 00:03:38
    5. Practice Exercise - Chapter 5 00:04:26
  6. Wrap-up
    1. Wrapping Up With Regular Expressions 00:00:59
  7. About The Author
    1. About Mike McMillan 00:01:53