This module performs operations on ASCII strings.

The AsciiExt trait contains a number of useful string slice utilities for testing, as well as conversion to upper and lowercase.


  • pub struct EscapeDefault: Iterates over the escaped version of a byte
  • impl iterator for EscapeDefault
    • type Item = u8: Type of the elements iterated over
  • impl iterator for EscapeDefault functions
    • next(&mut self) -> Option<u8>: Advances the iterator and return the next value
    • size_hint(&self) -> (usize, Option<usize>): Returns the bounds on the remaining length of the iterator
    • count(self) -> usize: Returns the number of iterations
    • last(self) -> Option<Self::Item>: Returns the last element
    • nth(&mut self, n:usize) -> Option<Self::Item>: Returns ...

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