Learning SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Color Correction

Video description

In this Color Correction with SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro training course, expert author Jeff Sengstack teaches you various color correction tools and techniques in Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade. You will start out by learning to work with color correction tools in Premiere Pro. Jeff will teach you how to analyze tonality and adjust it with the Luma curve video effect and numeric controls. You will also learn how to adjust color with the fast color corrector, RGB curves, and create a film-like appearance with Lumetri looks. This video tutorial also shows you how to use secondary color correction techniques in Premiere Pro, including adding vignettes, changing and leaving a single color, and using secondary correction controls within effects. Once you’ve covered the color correction tools in Premiere Pro, you will learn about SpeedGrade and how the two are connected. Finally, Jeff will teach you concepts in SpeedGrade that include performing primary and secondary tonality and color correction, using SpeedGrade effects, and animating effects and color grading. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the color correction tools and concepts in Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Who Should Take This Course 00:02:01
    2. Setting Up The Working Files 00:03:12
    3. Premiere Pro And SpeedGrade Workflow 00:05:26
    4. Shooting Video To Minimize Corrections 00:02:37
    5. Examples Of Poorly Exposed And Color Balanced Video 00:06:48
    6. About The Author 00:01:09
  2. Checking Out Premiere Pro Color Correction Tools
    1. Setting Up The Premiere Pro Color Correction Workspace 00:04:52
    2. Presenting Premiere Pro Color Correction Effects 00:12:12
    3. Viewing The Waveform Monitor 00:07:31
    4. Viewing The Vectorscope 00:06:25
    5. Viewing The RGB Parade 00:09:44
    6. Viewing The YCBCR Parade Scope 00:05:57
  3. Adjusting Tonality In Premiere Pro
    1. Using The Waveform Scope To Analyze Tonality 00:07:19
    2. Curves Vs. Numeric Controls 00:10:14
    3. Adjusting Tonality With The Luma Curve Video Effect 00:10:48
    4. Adjusting Tonality With Numeric Controls 00:12:59
    5. Specialized Tonality Adjustments 00:08:19
  4. Adjusting Overall Color In Premiere Pro
    1. Basic Color Concepts 00:09:43
    2. Color Wheels Vs. Curves 00:12:08
    3. The Fast Color Corrector 00:14:25
    4. Adjusting Color With RGB Curves 00:13:10
    5. Creating A Film-Like Appearance - Lumetri Looks 00:08:14
  5. Secondary Color Correction Techniques In Premiere Pro
    1. Secondary Color Correction Concepts 00:08:32
    2. Using The Track Matte Key Effect 00:10:18
    3. Creating And Animating Traveling Mattes 00:11:20
    4. Adding Vignettes 00:11:08
    5. Changing A Single Color - Three Techniques 00:14:58
    6. Leaving A Single Color And Tinting 00:08:48
    7. Changing And Using Tonal Range Definitions 00:10:01
    8. Using Secondary Correction Controls Within Effects 00:06:53
  6. Introducing SpeedGrade And Its Connection To Premiere Pro
    1. Understanding The SpeedGrade Workspace 00:07:43
    2. The Premiere Pro And SpeedGrade Workflow 00:08:31
    3. Examining SpeedGrade Scopes 00:09:22
    4. Explaining SpeedGrade Tonality And Color Controls 00:09:45
  7. Primary Tonality And Color Correction In SpeedGrade
    1. Performing Tonality Corrections 00:06:18
    2. Explaining Premiere Pro To SpeedGrade Effects Order 00:04:29
    3. Adjusting Color 00:09:59
    4. Color And Tonality - Auto-Matching 00:07:49
    5. Color And Tonality - Manual Matching 00:10:22
  8. Secondary Color Correction In SpeedGrade
    1. Using Masks For Vignettes And Other Color Correction Tasks 00:13:33
    2. Animating Mask Size, Shape, And Position 00:13:45
    3. Using Secondary Layer Masking Techniques 00:08:22
  9. Working With Effects, Look-Up Tables, And Looks
    1. Using SpeedGrade Effects 00:11:34
    2. Working With Look-Up Tables - SpeedGrade LUTs 00:07:57
    3. Following The SpeedLooks Workflow 00:09:14
    4. Applying And Adjusting Looks 00:10:20
    5. Creating And Saving Custom Looks 00:10:18
    6. Animating Effects And Color Grading 00:04:33
  10. Conclusion
    1. Additional Resources And Goodbye 00:01:55

Product information

  • Title: Learning SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Color Correction
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2014
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771372176