C.5. vile 8.0 Options

vile 8.0 has a total of 92 options that affect its behavior. Table 3.5 summarizes the most important ones. Most options described in Table 3.1 are not repeated here.

Table C.5. vile 8.0 Set Options
alt-tabposnoatpControls whether the cursor sits at the left or right end of the whitespace representing a TAB character.
animatedanimatedAutomatically updates the contents of scratch buffers when their contents would change.
autobuffer (ab)autobufferUses "most-recently-used" style buffering; the buffers are sorted in order of use. Otherwise, buffers remain in the order in which they were edited.
autosave (as)noautosaveAutomatic file saving. Writes the file after every autosavecnt characters of inserted text.
autosavecnt (ascnt)256Specifies after how many inserted characters automatic saves take place.
backspacelimit (bl)backspacelimitIf disabled, then in insert mode you can backspace past the point at which the insert began.
backup-styleoffControls how backup files are created when writing a file. Possible values are off for no backups, .bak for DOS style backups, and tilde for emacs style hello.c~ backups under UNIX.
bcolor Sets the background color on systems that support it.
check-modtimenocheck-modtimeIssues a file newer than buffer warning if the file has changed since last read or written, and prompts for confirmation.
cmodeoffA built-in major mode for C code.
comment-prefix^\s*\(\s*[#*>]\)\+Describes the leading part of a line that should ...

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