Chapter 5. Learning to Work with Geometries

In the previous chapters, you learned a lot about how to work with Three.js. You know how to create a basic scene, add lighting, and configure the material for your meshes. In Chapter 2, Basic Components That Make Up a Three.js Scene, we touched upon, but didn't really go into the details of, the available geometries that Three.js provides and that you can use to create your 3D objects. In this and the next chapter, we'll walk you through all the geometries (except THREE.Line, which we discussed in the previous chapter) Three.js provides out of the box. In this chapter, we'll look at the following geometries:

  • THREE.CircleGeometry
  • THREE.RingGeometry
  • THREE.PlaneGeometry
  • THREE.ShapeGeometry
  • THREE.BoxGeometry ...

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