End-to-end tests with Nightwatch.js

Writing an e2e test with Nightwatch.js is very simple because its API is very readable. We should be able to read an e2e test and be able to understand it, even if it is the first time that we see one. For example, the following is an example of an e2e test that is used to test the application included in the companion source code:

import { NightwatchBrowser } from "nightwatch"; 
const test = { 
  "Calculator pow e2e test example": (browser: NightwatchBrowser) => {  browser .url("http://localhost:3000/") .waitForElementVisible("body", 1000) .assert.title("Calculator") .assert.visible("#base") .assert.visible("#exponent") .clearValue("#base") .setValue("#base", "2") .clearValue("#exponent") .setValue("#exponent", ...

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