Learning VMWare Horizon 7

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Design, install and configure your VDI infrastructure with VMware Horizon 7

About This Video

  • Learn the latest features of VMware Horizon 7

  • Revolutionize the way you manage your desktop infrastructure, while delivering a superior user experience

  • A step-by-step practical tutorial that allows you to follow and set up your lab with real-life scenarios

  • In Detail

    VMware Horizon 7 delivers, protects, and manages your applications and virtual desktops and ensures the end-user can access it from anywhere and at any point of time. The course will guide you from being a beginner to being able to centrally manage your desktops using VMware Horizon 7. The video starts with an overview of the architecture and latest features of VMware Horizon 7. You will also learn how to design and deploy your Horizon 7 environment. Finally, we will build out two operating systems, optimize them for your VDI, and then walk you through the different methods of delivery for the instant clone, linked clone, and full clone options. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to create desktop resources by using Horizon Desktop Pools and fine-tune the end user experience to ensure the best optimization from your virtual desktops.


    This course is designed for beginners who want to learn to centrally manage and virtualize their desktops using VMware Horizon 7.

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    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Installation and Setup of the Example Lab Environment
      1. The Course Overview
      2. Installation and Setup – Example Lab Overview
      3. Installing the VMwarevSphere Infrastructure
      4. Installing and Configuring Windows Server Components
      5. Configuring Active Directory Components
      6. Downloading the VMware Horizon Software
    2. Chapter 2 : Learning VMware Horizon 7 Architecture
      1. What’s New in VMware Horizon View
      2. VMware Horizon 7 Editions and Licensing
      3. VMware Horizon 7 Architecture Feature Overview
    3. Chapter 3 : Designing Deploying VMware Horizon 7
      1. How to Approach a VDI Project
      2. Desktop Assessments with Liquidware Labs Stratusphere
      3. Proving the Technology
      4. Designing Deploying Vmware Horizon 7
    4. Chapter 4 : Installing and Configuring VMware Horizon 7
      1. Installing the Horizon View Connection Server
      2. Post Installation Configurations Tasks
      3. Overview of the Horizon View Administrator Management Console
    5. Chapter 5 : Building a Windows 7 VDI Desktop
      1. Building a Windows 7 VDI Image
      2. Optimizing the Windows 7 Image for Horizon View
      3. Preparing the Virtual Desktop Machine for Delivery
    6. Chapter 6 : Building a Windows 10 VDI Desktop
      1. Building a Windows 10 VDI Image
      2. Optimizing the Windows 10 Image for VMware Horizon View
      3. Preparing the Virtual Desktop Machine for Delivery
    7. Chapter 7 : Introduction to Desktop Pools
      1. Creating a Full Clone, Non-Persistent Desktop Pool
      2. Creating a Full Clone, Persistent Desktop Pool for Windows 10
      3. Entitling End Users to Desktop Pools
    8. Chapter 8 : Connecting to a Horizon View Desktop
      1. Horizon Client Options
      2. Fine Tuning the End User Experience
      3. Managing and Monitoring

    Product information

    • Title: Learning VMWare Horizon 7
    • Author(s): Peter von Oven
    • Release date: February 2017
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781787129696