Understanding compute pipelines

A compute pipeline consists of a single static compute shader stage and the pipeline layout. The compute shader stage is capable of doing massive parallel arbitrary computations. On the other hand, the pipeline layout connects the compute pipeline to the descriptor using the layout bindings. The vkCreateComputePipeline() API can be used to create a compute pipeline:

VkResult vkCreateComputePipelines( 
   VkDevice                            device, 
   VkPipelineCache                     pipelineCache, 
   uint32_t                            createInfoCount, 
   const VkComputePipelineCreateInfo*  pCreateInfos, 
   const VkAllocationCallbacks*        pAllocator, 
   VkPipeline*                         pPipelines); 

The following table describes the various fields of the vkCreateGraphicsPipelines() API:




This ...

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