Registering your own domain name

Finding a server to host your web site

The general web publishing process, step-by-step

Using FTP to upload files

Because your browser can display documents right from your hard drive (in other words, you can view them locally), you do not need an Internet connection to create web pages. However, eventually, you’ll want to get them out there for the world to see. That is the point, right?

Putting a page on the Web is easy... just transfer your files to your web server and ta da—you’re on the Web! But what if you don’t have a web server? This chapter will tell you where to look for one (you might even have server space and not know it). You might also want your own domain name. For example, I have and several others.

This chapter tells you what you need to know about registering a domain name and getting a server for your web site. We’ll also look at the steps involved in the typical web publishing process, including how to use FTP programs to transfer files.


Your home page address is your identity on the Web. If you are posting a just-for-fun page and want to save money, having your own personal corner at some larger domain (such as or might be fine. More likely, you’ll want your own domain name that better represents your business or content. For a small yearly fee, anyone can register a domain ...

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