Complete signaling server

Here is the entire code for our signaling server. This includes logging in and handling all response types. I also added a listening handler at the end to notify you when the server is ready to accept WebSocket connections:

var WebSocketServer = require(''ws'').Server, wss = new WebSocketServer({ port: 8888 }), users = {}; wss.on(''connection'', function (connection) { connection.on(''message'', function (message) { var data; try { data = JSON.parse(message); } catch (e) { console.log(""Error parsing JSON""); data = {}; } switch (data.type) { case ""login"": console.log(""User logged in as"",; if (users[]) { sendTo(connection, { type: ""login", success: false }); } else { users[] = connection; ...

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