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The Last Word
Likewise, to get information for the user ljohnson in the domain R2TEST on the
remote workstation, run:
gpresult /s /USER R2TEST\ljohnson
You also can add the /V option to enable verbose logging, which will display detailed
information and not just a summary view, or
/Z, to enable extended verbose logging
(even more details). Use the
/SCOPE MACHINE option with /Z to look at only computer
configuration policies; similarly, use
/SCOPE USER to look at user configuration poli-
cies. You can redirect the output of GPRESULT to a text file using the standard
redirect operator.
The Last Word
GP offers a flexible, compatible, and centralized way to obtain a consistent security
and shell configuration across your organization. Through the use of security poli-
cies and IntelliMirror technologies, all discussed in this chapter, you can reduce your
administrative burden and achieve nirvana.
In the next chapter, I’ll take an in-depth look at the most popular security options
within Windows Server 2003 and discuss how to make your machines and network
more hardened and secure against threats.

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