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Chapter 3: File, Print, and User Services
If you rename a file, you lose all access to previous versions of that file, even if some
exist. VSS tracks exclusively by filename and state, so if the filename changes, VSS
(at least at this stage) isn’t smart enough to follow the rename.
Altering the Shadow Copy Schedule
Shadow copies are scheduled by default to be made at 7:00 a.m. and at noon on
weekdays. Server performance can be adversely affected if you schedule shadow cop-
ies to be taken more frequently than once every 60 minutes.
Because the times at which shadow copies are made can be a good
ways apart in the work day, it’s best to remind users that the shadow
copy functionality is not a crutch and that the best way to ensure that
no data is lost is to save early and often.
Additionally, as soon as 64 shadow copies per volume are stored, the oldest will be
deleted and become irretrievable as new shadow copies are made to replace them.
To change the shadow copy schedule, follow these steps:
1. Open the Control Panel, and double-click Computer Management.
2. Expand Computer Management
System Tools Shared Folders.
3. Right-click Shared Folders, select All Tasks, and click Configure Shadow Copies.
4. Select the disk on which to modify the shadow copy schedule, and then click the
Settings button.
5. Click the Schedule button in the box that appears next.
6. Change the schedule as appropriate.
Backing Up Your Machines
The oft-neglected process of backing up your machines and the critical data they con-
tain is perhaps the most effective insurance policy you can take out for your business.
It’s like exercise: although nearly everyone knows that it’s an excellent idea and vital to
health, not everyone does it. Fortunately, Windows Server 2003 includes a backup util-
ity in the box which performs this function at a basic level. This section will discuss
how to use the GUI front end, and how to access the same features from the com-
mand line using the core NTBACKUP program for enhanced automation possibilities.

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