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LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT: The Mayan Adventure

Book Description

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT has hit the world by storm, giving you the ability to build your own robots and program them to perform all types of actions. What kind of robots? How about five exploratory robots, used to explore the newly discovered tomb of an ancient Mayan king?

You are along for the ride with Evan and his archaeologist uncle as they explore a Mayan pyramid complete with traps and treasures. Using a variety of NXT robots, the archaeology team is able to move deeper into the tomb towards the secrets of King Ixtua. But beware of the traps! The pyramid's design has successfully deterred unwanted visitors through the centuries, and your team will need to be careful and alert.

You will learn and use a design methodology that will teach you about the new motors and sensors that your robot can use. Complete building and programming instructions are provided for each robot, allowing you to follow along and learn as you build.

Can you help Evan and the team of explorers navigate through the old pyramid and discover King Ixtua's tomb? Read the stories, examine the environments, and build and program the robots that will allow the team to move closer to the secrets of The Mayan Adventure.

  • This book shows how to design a NXT robot to solve real-world problems.

  • It includes worksheets that encourage constructive brainstorming techniques.

  • You'll gain access to four new and unique robot designs.

  • This book is suitable for both adults and kids exploring NXT.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. About the Technical Reviewers
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. How This Book Is Organized
    2. Who Is This Book For?
    3. What You Need to Use This Book
    4. Extras for This Book
  9. CHAPTER 1: Tomb, Trap, and Trigger
    1. Day 2: King Ixtua Tomb Excavation, 4:42 PM
    2. Tunnel Challenge
    3. Evan's Solution
  10. CHAPTER 2: ExploroBot—Planning and Design
    1. The ExploroBot
    2. The Robot Description
    3. The Task List
    4. Limitations and Constraints
    5. Mindstorm
    6. Sketches
  11. CHAPTER 3: ExploroBot—Build It
    1. Never Be Afraid to Experiment
    2. Step by Step
  12. CHAPTER 4: ExploroBot—Program It
    1. Some Experience Required
    2. Into the Tunnel
    3. Out of the Tunnel
    4. What the Degree, Kenneth? (With Apologies to REM)
    5. Opening the Tomb Door
  13. CHAPTER 5: String, Pebbles, and Gravity
    1. Day 3: Inside King Ixtua's Tomb, 8:13 AM
    2. More Monkey Business
    3. Vine Challenge
    4. Evan's Solution
  14. CHAPTER 6: StringBot—Planning and Design
    1. Design and Planning
    2. The StringBot
    3. The Robot Description
    4. The Task List
    5. Limitations and Constraints
    6. Mindstorm
    7. Sketches
  15. CHAPTER 7: StringBot—Build It
    1. Where to Start?
    2. Step by Step
  16. CHAPTER 8: StringBot—Program It
    1. Get Familiar with the Blocks
    2. Getting to the Vase
    3. Above the Vase
    4. Back for More
    5. Filling the Vase
  17. CHAPTER 9: Scroll, Key, and Camera
    1. Day 3: Tomb Reception Area, 6:08 PM
    2. The King's Library
    3. Key Retrieval Challenge
    4. Grace's Solution
  18. CHAPTER 10: SnapShotBot—Planning and Design
    1. SnapShotBot Planning and Design
    2. The Robot Description
    3. The Task List
    4. Limitations and Constraints
    5. Mindstorm
    6. Sketches
  19. CHAPTER 11: SnapShotBot—Build It
    1. Jump In
    2. Step by Step
  20. CHAPTER 12: SnapShotBot—Program It
    1. One Block at a Time
    2. Finding the Basket
    3. Getting Around the Basket
    4. Getting the Bot Home
  21. CHAPTER 13: Get In, Grab It, Get Out
    1. Day 4: Outside King Ixtua's Library, 8:43 AM
    2. The Throne Room
    3. Locate the Burial Chamber
    4. Scroll Challenge
    5. Max's Solution
  22. CHAPTER 14: GrabberBot—Planning and Design
    1. GrabberBot Planning and Design
    2. The Robot Description
    3. The Task List
    4. Limitations and Constraints
    5. Mindstorm
    6. Sketches
  23. CHAPTER 15: GrabberBot—Build It
    1. First Section: Main Body
    2. Second Section: Lifting Arm Mechanism
    3. Third Section: Sensors and Various Beams
  24. CHAPTER 16: GrabberBot—Program It
    1. Down the Tunnel . . . Again . . .
    2. Approaching the Scroll
    3. Acquiring the Scroll
  25. CHAPTER 17: Bravery, Wisdom, and Honor
    1. Day 5: Inside King Ixtua's Throne Room, 10:12 AM
    2. The Burial Chamber
    3. Famous Figures
    4. The Final Challenge
    5. Evan's Solution
  26. CHAPTER 18: PushBot—Planning and Design
    1. PushBot Planning and Design
    2. The Robot Description
    3. The Task List
    4. Limitations and Constraints
    5. Mindstorm
    6. Sketches
  27. CHAPTER 19: PushBot—Build It
    1. Step by Step
  28. CHAPTER 20: PushBot—Program It
    1. Getting the PushBot into Position
    2. Positioning Three Figurines
    3. The Final Figurine
  29. CHAPTER 21: Discovery, Secret, and Home
    1. Day 7: Base Camp, King Ixtua's Tomb, 11:05 AM
  30. APPENDIX A: Online Reference and Support
    1. Web Sites
    2. Blogs
    3. Forums and Message Boards
  31. APPENDIX B: Building Instructions for Bots
    1. Background
    2. Step by Step
    1. User Account
    2. Tools
  33. APPENDIX D: HiTechnic NXT Compass Sensor
    1. North, West, East, and South
    2. Using the Compass Sensor
  34. Index