CHAPTER 5String, Pebbles, and Gravity

Location: Southwest Guatemala

Weather Conditions: 87 degrees Fahrenheit, Humidity 88%, Rain 20%

Day 3: Inside King Ixtua's Tomb, 8:13 AM

Evan looked into the tunnel. The ExploroBot was about four feet away but still moving towards the tunnel exit. A few minutes earlier the ExploroBot had reached the trigger; some unusual sounds were heard behind the tomb door and then a loud BANG! While Evan listened for his bot to turn around and return, his uncle and a few other team members began pushing on the large stone door.

"It's opening!" yelled Uncle Phillip. "Keep pushing."

As the ExploroBot reached the end of the tunnel, Evan picked it up, looked it over for any damage, and then turned it off. He then turned ...

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