CHAPTER 21Discovery, Secret, and Home

Location: Southwest Guatemala

Weather Conditions: 86 degrees Fahrenheit, Humidity 45%, Rain 50%

Day 7: Base Camp, King Ixtua's Tomb, 11:05 AM

The past few days had been a flurry of activity, with Evan assisting Uncle Phillip, Max, and Grace to take pictures and measurements, draw sketches, and weigh artifacts. Evan had never had this much fun in his life. He had taken part in opening King Ixtua's tomb and discovering the king's burial chamber.

Evan sat enjoying a cold drink in the tent and stared at the massive collection of photographs that had been pinned up on every imaginable surface. Uncle Phillip sat across from him, enjoying a drink and a break from the heat.

"Well, Evan, have you enjoyed your time ...

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