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Oscar LodriguezLet’s Build a Multiplayer Phaser Gamehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4249-0_8

8. The World Should Remember Your Name

Oscar Lodriguez1 
NIEUW-VENNEP, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

In this chapter, we shall be discussing –the login screen for acquiring the user name. The game code for this chapter is found on GitHub ( https://github.com/code0wl/Multiplayer-Phaser-game/tree/chapter/7 ). You have rid the galaxy of foes and evil-doers, but there is no way of ever knowing your name! We are not masked crusaders, we are people and want credit where it’s due dammit! We need an input field where the user can enter their name into our game, so we can save it somewhere and display it under the spaceship. Hmmm. Consider ...

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