Let's Close a Deal: Turn Contacts into Paying Customers for Your Company, Product, Service or Cause

Book description

Close deals with major corporations, organizations or individuals who can propel your business to the next level

When you think about it, our entire lives revolve around selling. Whether we sell as part of our business, serve on a committee of a non-profit organization, or negotiate for a new job/car/house, we are pitching, hearing, and closing deals every day. Let's Close a Deal articulates the intuitive process that identifies how and why a deal will appeal, and then demonstrates in step-by-step detail how to present your deal in a compelling way. The sales process is not about coercion; it's about compassion. The closing part of a negotiation should honor everyone involved instead of taking advantage of them.

We make our decisions based on the manner in which information is presented to us, and what we believe will be the best deal. Let's Close a Deal explains how to present information so persuasively that it increases the likelihood of getting a yes.

  • Demonstratess how finding the human perspective is key to closing any deal

  • Articulates the sale from conception, preparation, presentation to close

  • Author Christine Clifford is a sought-after professional speaker and author of eight books including You, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself, coauthored with Harry Beckwith. Author has direct experience closing major deals, having taken her company from a million dollar per year loss to over $54 million in sales and having signed the largest contract in the history of her industry with Procter & Gamble, doubling the size of her company overnight

Increase your business's chance for success by improving your ability to secure profitable partnerships. Let's Close a Deal shows you how.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Additional Praise for Let's Close a Deal
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Overview and Introduction
    1. We're All Salespeople
  9. Section I: What's the Big Deal?
    1. Chapter 1: Let's Define the Deal
      1. Turn Your Close Inside Out
      2. Sharpen Your Close
  10. Section II: Let's Prepare the Deal
    1. Chapter 2: Let's Package a Deal
      1. Close Horse
      2. Write a Company/Product/Service/Cause Mission Statement
      3. How Can I Tell My Story?
      4. What Else?
      5. Am I Done Yet?
    2. Chapter 3: Let's Customize a Deal
      1. Come Closer
    3. Chapter 4: Let's Niche a Deal
      1. Close Enough
      2. New Close
      3. Changing Your Niche
    4. Chapter 5: Let's Market a Deal
      1. Close Encounter
      2. Use the Media to Gain Notoriety and Grow Your Business
    5. Chapter 6: Let's Connect a Deal
      1. One Degree of Separation
      2. Close Up
      3. Close Down
      4. Perfect Close
      5. Cold Close
      6. Turn a Cold Close Into a Warm Close
      7. Velocity
    6. Chapter 7: Let's Partner a Deal
      1. Can I Trust You?
      2. Get Close
      3. Multiple Close
      4. Partnerships in Your Profession
      5. Become a Celebrity or Corporate Spokesperson
      6. Make a Pitch to Serve in Media Campaigns
  11. Section III: Let's Present the Deal
    1. Chapter 8: Let's Pitch a Deal
      1. Case Closed
      2. Super Close
      3. Locking the Deal
      4. Dan versus Goliath
      5. Visualize the Experience
      6. Inspiration—and Bending the Rules
      7. The “Key” to Closing the Deal
      8. Become Your Own Barnum & Bailey
    2. Chapter 9: Let's Perk-O-Late a Deal
      1. Close Basket
    3. Chapter 10: Let's Ask for a Deal
      1. Close String Budget
      2. Ask for Help to Close the Deal
      3. Close Line
      4. They Love Me
      5. They Love Me Not
  12. Section IV: Uh, Oh . . . No Deal?
    1. Chapter 11: Let's Not Ruin the Deal
      1. Close-out Sale
      2. He Came That Close . . .
      3. Choose Your Friends . . . and Your Enemies
    2. Chapter 12: Let's R-R-Reapproach the Deal
      1. Retreat
      2. Reevaluate
      3. Reapproach
      4. Listeners Close Deals
      5. The Door Is Closed
    3. Chapter 13: Let's Revisit a Deal
      1. Got Closer?
      2. Sometimes Phones Don't Ring
      3. Bird Out of a Close
      4. Journey Back to Abundance
  13. Section V: Here's the Real Deal
    1. Chapter 14: Let's Follow Up a Deal
      1. Frequent Closer
      2. Clever Ways to Say “Thank You!”
      3. Fore Close!
    2. Chapter 15: Let's Revel in a Deal
      1. Climb Every Mountain, Close Every Deal
      2. The Surprise Close
  14. Summary: On to the Next Deal
    1. Comparing Yourself to Others
    2. Old Close
  15. About the Author
    1. About Christine Clifford Enterprises

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  • Title: Let's Close a Deal: Turn Contacts into Paying Customers for Your Company, Product, Service or Cause
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118521557