Chapter 2

Let's Package a Deal

A lot of times when a package says, “Open Other End,” I purposely open the end where it says that.

—George Carlin

It's your birthday. Your three best friends meet you to celebrate and buy you lunch. Gifts are set on the table: One is from Target; one is from Macy's; the third is from Tiffany's.

You're probably already doing it—making a decision about which will be the best gift. Why? Because we're visual and what you are looking at is an important piece of closing a deal. It's called packaging, and like it or not, it plays a crucial role in sales.

Just like a kaleidoscope, the smallest tweak in the way we package our deal can be the difference between success and failure. Have you heard any of the following comments after making your sales pitch? Wrong color, wrong size, too big, too small, too short, too tall, too expensive, too cheap, too soft, too hard, doesn't go with the rest of my things, too fat, too skinny, too much? If so, this chapter will help you anticipate and eliminate those objections so they don't sink your deal.

Close Horse

Marianne Svihlik is a breast cancer survivor who lives with her husband Chuck in the tiny town of Forreston, Illinois. Marianne had turned her passion for the cause of breast cancer into a small business by developing some beautiful ornaments, the Guardian Angel Feather Ornament and the Breast Cancer Ornament.

Over the course of two years, working out of her basement and the garage, Marianne sold about 500 of ...

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