Chapter 11

Let's Not Ruin the Deal

Has anyone ever been pitching you a product when one tiny thing that person said or did changed your mind? Have you ever been pitching a deal when you suddenly realized, “I've lost them”? What are the irritating things we do as salespeople that turn us from deal makers into deal breakers?

Let's take a look at some of the scenarios that can ruin our deals:

  • You don't follow up.
  • You change the parameters.
  • You don't know when to quit.
  • You take or give credit where credit isn't due.
  • You put down the competition.
  • You have no flexibility.
  • You're judgmental.
  • You promised something you can't deliver.
  • You can't address their concerns because you don't have enough information, permission, knowledge, or ability to think quickly on your feet.
  • You have not established a sense of “I have to have that.”
  • You said or did something they considered in bad taste.
  • You appeared cocky or overconfident.
  • You didn't prepare properly.

Close-out Sale

We had been in conversations with Bic Corporation to merchandise its pens in retail outlets such as Target, Kmart, and Wal-Mart when company representatives asked to come tour our offices. I made sure we had fresh coffee and rolls, and I was going to pick them up at the airport. I had their proposals printed in beautiful binders, and I had all the executives from my firm ready to meet theirs. I forgot one tiny detail, however.

When we got to our offices and sat down in the boardroom, I pulled a pen out of my purse to take ...

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