If you followed the instructions in this book, you are now the proud creator of a great game idea and a 200-plus page game design document. You have everything you need to make an actual video game, right? Wrong! Your work is just beginning. Before you actually make the game, you will have to find a publisher to publish your game. And to find a publisher, you will need a pitch.

A pitch is a streamlined, easily digestible version of your game design document. It contains everything that's great and original about your game without all the "twiddley bits[178]."

Since most pitches are presented to groups in boardrooms, I highly recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint or some other presentation software to create your pitch document. To help, I have included an outline of what you should include in a pitch presentation in Bonus Level 9. The basics of this document are these:

  • Title screen with logo

  • Company profile

  • High concept

  • A few pages of details

  • Proof of why your game will be awesome/make everyone lots of money.

When creating a pitch presentation, remember the basics of making presentation slides: choose a font that you can read, don't put too much information on one page, and everyone loves pictures.


Putting together a good pitch presentation is like putting together an artist's portfolio: you want to show off your best work, but not include too many pieces and overwhelm your audience.

This was a story pitch I once ...

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