The following are examples of one-sheet templates used for creating a concept overview. The one-sheet template is a very important document; not just for the team and managers to "be on the same page" with the project priorities and objectives, but as a tool to pass on to management, marketing, sales, licensors, and get them excited about your game.

Ultimately, the style in which you create the one-sheet doesn't matter as much as the information in it. The first example is a text-only version, while the second adds images. No matter what the format, keep them short and informative.

Reiterate the points on the one-sheet every time you talk about the game. You'll know when it eventually sinks in to your team mates when you talk to them about a design feature and they reply with "But that's not what it says on the one-sheet" and they're right. Consider it a victory. (We designers need to take them where we can!)


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