Bonus Level 2

The Ten-Page Design Document Sample

UNLIKE THE ONE-PAGER, which should be kept to one page, the ten-pager is more like a set of guidelines than a strict policy.1 It’s more of a “ten-pointer” than a ten-pager, but as a general rule you should dedicate a page per topic.

What’s important is that you include all the broad strokes of information and the document is accessible and exciting to read. The goal is to use this document as the foundation for both your GDD and the slides of your pitch.

Page 1: Cover Page

Include a graphic if possible, a title (preferably a logo) and your contact information, target platform, target audience, target rating, and expected shipping date.


Page 2: Story/Game Summary

Outline the story (beginning, middle, and ending … or at least a cliffhanger) mentioning the setting, the characters, and the conflict. Give a brief description of the gameplay and some of the cool things the player can do in the game.


Page 3: Character(s) and Controls

Who does the player control? What is his/her/its story? What can the player do that is unique or special to this game? Does the player play as more than one character? How does the player do these things with a controller or a finger (in the case of touch-controls)? Show a control map if applicable. Obviously, ...

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