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Life. Business. Just Got Easier

Book Description

A motivational smack in the face!

"Beneath the bluff exterior of the self-styled "fat bloke from Manchester" is a shrewd business brain." The Times

"...a northern Anthony Robbins!" Theo Paphitis

Brad Burton, once a regular in the dole queue, burdened with unbearable levels of debt, is now the MD of a multi-million pound international business. If anyone knows about sorting your life out, it's Brad. But this isn't Brad's story - this is about YOU. Brad is here to share practical, actionable steps - stuff you can actually do - to improve your life, both at home and in business. He's learnt exactly how to motivate yourself, focus on your passion, face setbacks and keep on moving forward - and now Brad wants to share these lessons with as many people as possible. We all have it in us to improve our lives and succeed - we just need a friendly kick in the pants from Brad!

Chapters include:

  • If your only motivation is money it's not enough

  • 2 year plan. Forget it. More like 2 week plan

  • No passion. No point

  • Buy my stuff

  • Eject. Eject. Eject. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore