Appendix E. Liferay 6.1 Documents API

You may have noticed a glaring omission from the body of this book. Liferay has an API that its Document Library uses to manage, store, and retrieve files to and from the file system; yet there was no mention of it anywhere. Why is this?

It’s for a good reason. This API changed significantly between Liferay 6.0 and Liferay 6.1; and because I wanted the book to apply to both versions, I thought it best to relegate covering this API to an appendix, where we can look at the commonalities and the differences in both versions of Liferay. This way, you can be empowered to use the API regardless of which version you’re on. You won’t encounter code in the body of the book that doesn’t apply to your copy of Liferay, ...

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