94Asking a Coworker to Come in Earlier and/or Stay Later


We've all been down this road: saddled with extra work at the last minute, you and everyone else in your department start coming in early and/or staying late to complete it by a deadline…everyone else except one lone soul, that is. They're at their desk at nine and out the door exactly at five, and you're all getting pretty ticked. If they put in some extra time like the rest of you, everyone's burden would be eased. The goal of this script is to get them to pull their weight and put in those extra hours like everyone else. Your first strategy will be to appeal to their sense of fairness. Point out the rewards of coming in early and/or staying late, whether it's the bonus the department has been promised, or simply getting the work done faster. Remind them they won't have to put in these hours forever. If these tactics fail, point out that they're rapidly becoming an object of hatred among their peers. Unfortunately, some people don't care if coworkers dislike them. If even the threat of pariah status fails, it's time to use your final weapon: let them know that if there's a problem with the project and the boss is looking for scapegoats, their name is likely to be number one on everyone's list.


  • Attitude: Your attitude should be one of asking for help without resorting to begging, cajoling, or threats. It's okay if they get an inkling of how angry you and the rest of the department are, as long as your ...

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