Lift Your Impact: Transform Your Mindset, Influence, and Future to Elevate Your Work, Team, and Life

Book description

Groundbreaking communication techniques to help professionals increase their impact and influence

Do you want to boost your success and well-being, while finding greater fulfillment and purpose in your life and work? Do you want to increase your influence and connection with people, and enjoy a more meaningful life?

You can achieve this, and so much more, through the power of Lift.

In Lift Your Impact, Richard Newman shares the groundbreaking communication techniques that can help you gain the results and respect you deserve. Inside, you'll discover a toolkit of proven, thoroughly researched and tested techniques that can help you:

  • Lift your values, to give you internal confidence, alignment, and purpose.
  • Lift your vision to create a better future and gain motivation and fulfilment.
  • Lift your potential to overcome limiting habits and explore your true capabilities.
  • Lift your storytelling to engage and influence people with your words.
  • Lift your stakeholders to help those around you create greater success
  • Lift your message to inspire and motivate people to act on your ideas.
  • Lift your presence to naturally captivate those around you.
  • Lift your performance to thrive in the moments that matter
  • Lift your momentum to elevate your work, life, and legacy.
Lift Your Impact will provide you with a simple, practical approach that allows you to remove the challenges that are holding you back from success and build the future you truly desire.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. What Is Lift?
    2. What Is Your Legacy?
    3. Why Do You Need the Power of Lift Right Now?
    4. How Did Lift Come to Be?
    5. How Is Lift Different from Other Methods?
    6. What Can Lift Do for You?
    1. 1 Lift Your Values
      1. Find Your Internal Validation
      2. Motivation from Within
      3. The Power of Self-Determination
      4. Discover Your Values
      5. Anchor Your Greatest Mindset with Code Words
    2. 2 Lift Your Vision
      1. The Hero’s Journey
      2. The Power of Inception
      3. Storytelling and Your Mind
      4. The Five Key Elements of Storytelling
      5. Putting All the Pieces of Your Vision Story Together
    3. 3 Lift Your Potential
      1. Grow, or Life Will Make You Grow
      2. Expanding Your Potential
      3. What Are Archetypes?
      4. The Six Archetypes of Lift
      5. Living Out All Six Archetypes of Lift
      6. Connecting with Each Archetype
      7. Beware of Your Favorites
      8. Archetypes in Your Environment
      9. Practice Living with Your Archetypes
      10. Connect with Your Lifted Self: Daily Routine and Rituals
      11. Releasing Your Old Story: The Hero’s Death and Rebirth
    1. 4 Lift Your Storytelling
      1. The Hero and the Mentor
      2. Avoid the Dynamic of the Hero, the Villain, and the Victim
      3. Using the PRO System for Daily Storytelling
      4. The PRO System for Business
      5. The PRO System for Friends and Family
      6. Putting the PRO System into Action in Your Life
    2. 5 Lift Your Stakeholders
      1. Building Trust
      2. Asking Great Questions
      3. Listening Deeply
      4. See Their Greatness
    3. 6 Lift Your Message
      1. PITCH: How to Make Complex Messages Compelling and Powerful
    4. 7 Lift Your Presence
      1. Connecting Beyond Words
      2. The Importance of Congruence
      3. The Importance of Emotional Intention
      4. The Importance of Body Language
      5. Techniques for On-Screen Presence
    1. 8 Lift Your Performance
      1. Understanding Your Monkey Mind
      2. Techniques for Becoming the Best Version of You
      3. Slay the Dragon
    2. 9 Lift Your Momentum
      1. Refusal of the Return
      2. Two Versions of the Future
      3. Get in the CAR
      4. Visualizing Your New Future
      5. Get Ready to See Your Future
  10. Books for Further Reading
  11. Notes
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Lift Your Impact: Transform Your Mindset, Influence, and Future to Elevate Your Work, Team, and Life
  • Author(s): Richard Newman
  • Release date: May 2023
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781265086367