Appendix B. Resources

At no other time has there been more information available on the Internet for beginning and professional photographers. However, with the vast amount of knowledge to be found on the Web, it can be frustrating sometimes to know where to begin to look. On the Web, you'll find conflicting or contradictory information on every topic. My approach is to look for experts on the topic, and once I find those who make sense to me, I take their advice and use it. If it works for me, then that becomes my method of working.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, I offer a selection of my favorite resources to help you learn more about the digital camera, photographic lighting, photography, and the photography business in general.

Informational Web Sites and Blogs

Nikon Rumors ( For followers of the yellow and black insignia, this Web site, not affiliated with Nikon Inc., keeps you up to date with news of pending releases, patents, and developments of anything that has to do with the world of Nikon.

Canon Rumors ( Want to stay up on the latest rumors revolving around all things Canon? Then check into this Web site (which is totally unaffiliated with Canon, Inc.) for all the latest gossip. Be in the know and the first to know. ( Created by California commercial shooter Syl Arena, PixSylated is a high-octane Web site devoted to the trends, tools, and techniques that are shaping the world of digital ...

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