Lighting Fundamentals for Photographers: Learn by Video

Video description

Lighting is one of the most important creative components of any image. In this two-hour video, Joe Lavine and Brad Bartholomew—commercial photographers, instructors, and authors of Light Right: Learn How to Create Images, Set Up a Studio, and Launch a Photography Career—step into the studio to create a dynamic approach to learning about studio lighting. They start with basic photographic concepts and equipment needs, then discuss their philosophy of lighting, as they tackle the characteristics of light and how to approach building your shots.

With the basics covered, Lavine and Bartholomew encourage experimentation and practice rather than offering lighting "formulas." Providing distinct perspectives developed throughout their own careers, Lavine and Bartholomew provide the necessary background and technical knowledge to understand how light works, enabling the viewer to apply that knowledge to the needs of their subject and their photographic voice.
In this video you will learn about:
The basics of lighting equipment: from studio packs and monoblocks to modifiers, booms, stands, and clamps
How to get the right exposure, with discussions of metering, histograms, and DSLR cameras
The characteristics of light, and how to create and control them: dimension, texture, separation, drama, and mood
How to build a shot armed with all of this information: determining intent, understanding your subject, previsualizing the image, and carefully adding and subtracting light for what the image needs
How to use light as an active component in your composition to most effectively direct the viewer's attention
Color and experimentation, examining such topics and tools as gels, filters, and color temperature

Product information

  • Title: Lighting Fundamentals for Photographers: Learn by Video
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2016
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133763242