Acquisitions Editor

Kim Spilker

Senior Project Editor

Cricket Krengel

Project Editor

Kelly Dobbs Henthorne

Technical Editor

J. Dennis Thomas

Editorial Manager

Robyn Siesky

Vice President & Group Executive Publisher

Richard Swadley

Vice President & Publisher

Barry Pruett

Business Manager

Amy Knies

Book Designers

LeAndra Hosier

Tina Hovanessian

Project Coordinator

Adrienne Martinez

Graphics and Production Specialists

Brooke Graczyk

Jennifer Mayberry

Shelley Norris

Amanda Spagnuolo

Quality Control Technician

Todd Lothery

Cover Design

Daniella Richardson

Larry Vigon

Proofreading and Indexing

Debbye Butler

Rebecca R. Plunkett

Wiley Bicentennial Logo

Richard J. Pacifico

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