Chapter 7: BOOK: Design and Order Photo Books in Lightroom

Photo books have become enormously popular in recent years. This is primarily due to advances in digital technology that have made print-on-demand practical and economical. As recently as the 1990s, if you wanted to produce a photo book it meant shooting film, producing scans and color separations and printing with plates made from film negatives. Making a book was a very costly and time-consuming process.

All of this is no longer necessary—you can now capture digital photographs with quality that surpasses the reproduction characteristics of film and immediately have those images printed using a digital press. Digital imaging and printing technology has truly made high-quality book printing available to the masses.

New in Lightroom 4: using the all-new Book module you can design sophisticated books entirely within Lightroom and upload them directly to Blurb or Export as pdf.

+Option+4 or Ctrl+Alt+4

Go to Book module

Photo books can be used to present any kind of photography. In particular, books are very popular with wedding and event photographers, who frequently produce books for clients. Photojournalists can put together portfolio collections of their documentary work and present them in book format. A sports ...

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