Chapter 8: SLIDESHOW: Present Your Photos On Screen

With Lightroom’s Slideshow module you can create simple, attractive slideshows. In addition to photos, you can include text and other overlays and configure a variety of background options. You can play your slideshow in Lightroom along with a synchronized audio soundtrack, and you can also export Lightroom slideshows as video, pdf and JPEG files.

After entering the Slideshow module, you’ll probably want to start working with all the panels visible so you can see all the available options (see Figure 8–1). The left panel set contains Preview, Templates and Collections. The right panels contain all the controls for customizing slideshows.

+Option+5 or Ctrl+Alt+5

Go to Slideshow module

Figure 8-1

Workflow Gear.pdf Make a Slideshow

Working in Slideshow is similar to working in the other output modules: you pick a template to start; then customize the layout to suit your needs. The general Slideshow workflow is:

Step 1. In Library, collect the photos that will go into the slideshow. (It’s easiest to organize and apply metadata to photos in the Library module first; in particular, adding titles and captions.)

Step 2. In the Slideshow Filmstrip, ...

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