We would like to extend our gratitude to the original members of the Linking Open Data project, many of whom are quoted in this book. We would like to thank Michael Stephens, Jeff Bleiel, Ozren Harlovic, Maureen Spencer, Mary Piergies, Linda Recktenwald, Elizabeth Martin, and Janet Vail, and the rest of the team at Manning Publications for working so hard to make this book a success.

We also owe thanks to the following reviewers who read and commented on our book through its many iterations and multiple review phases: Alain Buferne, Artur Nowak, Craig Taverner, Cristofer Weber, Curt Tilmes, Daniel Ayers, Gary Ewan Park, Glenn McDonald, Innes Fisher, Luka Raljević, M. Edward Borasky, Michael Brunnbauer, Michael Pendleton, Michael ...

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