LinkedIn For Dummies, 3rd Edition

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Don't be left out—link up with this fully updated introduction to the Internet's hottest professional networking tool

With more than 225 million members from over 200 countries and territories worldwide, is an unbeatable self-marketing tool. LinkedIn For Dummies teaches you how to make the most of your profile and build connections and relationships within the world's largest professional network. This thorough introduction covers the latest LinkedIn features and how to use this valuable networking tool.

Learn how LinkedIn helps you manage relationships and networks, handle recommendations, showcase your skills and endorsements, import contacts, follow thought leaders, cultivate sales leads, find investors, market yourself, and more.

  • Provides valuable tips and explanations to help you build your profile, develop your network, manage invitations, request and write recommendations, and get involved in LinkedIn groups

  • Covers new and improved LinkedIn tools such as endorsements, people follow, company pages, groups, mobile apps, InMail, and LinkedIn Today

  • Answers frequently asked LinkedIn and job searching questions with the clear and helpful style expected of For Dummies books

  • Connections have never been more vital to a successful career, and LinkedIn For Dummies is here to make sure you don't miss out on your next big opportunity!

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. How This Book Is Organized
          1. Part I: LinkedIn Basics
          2. Part II: Finding Others and Getting Connected
          3. Part III: Growing and Managing Your Network
          4. Part IV: Finding Employees, Jobs, and Companies
          5. Part V: Using LinkedIn for Everyday Business
          6. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        3. And Just Who Are You?
        4. Icons Used in This Book
        5. Beyond the Book
        6. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: LinkedIn Basics
        1. Chapter 1: Looking into LinkedIn
          1. Discovering Your New Contact Management and Networking Toolkit
            1. Keeping track of your contacts
            2. Understanding the different degrees of network connections
          2. Learning About What You Can Do with LinkedIn
            1. Building your brand and profile
            2. Looking for a job now or later
            3. Finding out all kinds of valuable information
            4. Expanding your network
          3. Understanding LinkedIn Costs and Benefits
            1. Weighing free versus paid accounts
            2. Comparing the paid accounts
            3. Upgrading to a premium account
          4. Navigating LinkedIn
            1. Touring the top navigation bar
            2. Looking at the Account & Settings page
        2. Chapter 2: Sign Me Up!
          1. Joining LinkedIn
            1. Joining with an invitation
            2. Joining without an invitation
          2. Starting to Build Your Network
        3. Chapter 3: Building Your Profile
          1. Determining the Contact Settings for Your Profile
          2. Adding Your Summary and Basic Information to LinkedIn
            1. Writing your summary first
            2. Updating your LinkedIn profile's Summary and Basic Information sections
          3. Adding a Position to Your LinkedIn Profile
          4. Reporting Your Education on Your Profile
          5. Completing the Contact Info and Additional Information for Your Profile
          6. Reviewing Your LinkedIn Profile
            1. Viewing your profile as others see it
            2. Setting your profile URL and public view
            3. Checking your contact settings
      3. Part II: Finding Others and Getting Connected
        1. Chapter 4: Searching LinkedIn
          1. Viewing Your Connections
          2. Searching the LinkedIn Network
            1. Searching by keyword
            2. Searching by name
            3. Searching by company
            4. Searching by job title
            5. Performing a reference search
        2. Chapter 5: Managing Introductions and InMail
          1. InMail Versus Introductions
            1. Understanding introductions
            2. Getting to know InMail
          2. Setting Up an Introduction
            1. Planning your approach to each party in the introduction
            2. Sending an introduction
          3. Sending InMail
          4. Managing Introduction Requests
            1. Accepting requests and forwarding the introduction
            2. Gracefully declining requests
        3. Chapter 6: Growing Your Network
          1. Building a Meaningful Network
          2. Checking for LinkedIn Members
            1. Finding newly added colleagues
            2. Finding newly added classmates
            3. Browsing your connections’ networks
          3. Sending Connection Requests
            1. Sending requests to existing members
            2. Why you shouldn't use canned invitations
            3. Sending requests to nonmembers
            4. Communicating the value of joining LinkedIn
            5. Removing people from your network
          4. Accepting Invitations (or Gracefully Declining)
        4. Chapter 7: Connecting With and Endorsing Your Network
          1. Interacting with Your Network with LinkedIn Contacts
            1. Understanding how LinkedIn Contacts is structured
            2. Using LinkedIn Contacts
          2. Giving and Receiving Endorsements on LinkedIn
            1. Endorsing someone on LinkedIn
            2. Accepting endorsements on LinkedIn
            3. Managing your endorsements
      4. Part III: Growing and Managing Your Network
        1. Chapter 8: Exploring the Power of Recommendations
          1. Understanding Recommendations
          2. Writing Recommendations
            1. Choose wisely, grasshopper: Deciding who to recommend
            2. Look right here: Making your recommendation stand out
            3. Creating a recommendation
          3. Requesting Recommendations
            1. Choosing who to request recommendations from
            2. Creating a polite recommendation request
          4. Gracefully Declining a Recommendation (Or a Request for One)
          5. Managing Recommendations
            1. Editing or removing recommendations you've made
            2. Handling new recommendations you've received
            3. Removing a recommendation or requesting a revision
        2. Chapter 9: Keeping Track of Your LinkedIn Activities
          1. Using the LinkedIn Home Page as Your Command Console
            1. Reading your network activity
            2. Having LinkedIn automatically contact you
            3. Understanding Your Inbox
          2. Tracking Your InMail and Introductions
          3. Tracking Invitations
            1. Tracking sent invitations
            2. Tracking received invitations
        3. Chapter 10: Using LinkedIn with Your E-Mail and Browser
          1. Importing Contacts into LinkedIn
            1. Importing a contacts list from Outlook
            2. Importing contacts from a Web-based e-mail program
            3. Exporting Contacts from LinkedIn to Your E-Mail Application
            4. Creating your contacts export file in LinkedIn
            5. Exporting contacts to Outlook
            6. Exporting contacts to Outlook Express
            7. Exporting contacts to Yahoo! Mail
            8. Exporting contacts to Mac OS X Address Book
          2. Using the LinkedIn Outlook Social Connector
            1. Understanding the tool's requirements and features
            2. Installing the Outlook Social Connector
          3. Creating E-Mail Signatures
      5. Part IV: Finding Employees, Jobs, and Companies
        1. Chapter 11: Finding Employees
          1. Managing Your Job Listings
            1. Posting a job listing
            2. Advertising your job listing to your network
            3. Reviewing applicants
          2. Performing Reference Checks and Screening Candidates with LinkedIn
          3. Using Strategies to Find Active or Passive Job Seekers
        2. Chapter 12: Finding a Job
          1. Using LinkedIn to Search for a Job
            1. Searching for an open position
            2. Improving your visibility and attractiveness
            3. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
          2. Implementing Job Search Strategies That Involve LinkedIn
            1. Leveraging your connections
            2. Finding people with the same or similar job
            3. Taking advantage of your alma mater
            4. Finding target company referrals
        3. Chapter 13: Finding Companies on LinkedIn
          1. Searching for Companies
          2. Putting Your Company on LinkedIn
            1. Requirements for a Company page
            2. Adding a Company page to LinkedIn
      6. Part V: Using LinkedIn for Everyday Business
        1. Chapter 14: Getting Connected with LinkedIn Groups
          1. Reaping the Benefits of LinkedIn Groups
          2. Understanding the Types of LinkedIn Groups
          3. Joining a Group
          4. Searching a Group
          5. Creating a Group
          6. Inviting Members
            1. Building your member list
            2. Crafting your invitation e-mail
            3. Approving members to your group
        2. Chapter 15: Marketing Yourself and Your Business
          1. Marketing Yourself Through LinkedIn
            1. Optimizing your profile
            2. Marketing yourself to your network
          2. Marketing Your Business Through LinkedIn
            1. Using online marketing tactics with LinkedIn
            2. Promoting your services through a recommendation
          3. Finding Marketing Partners Through LinkedIn
        3. Chapter 16: Using LinkedIn to Increase Your Sales
          1. Mining for Clients
            1. Generating leads with the Advanced People search
            2. Finding the decision maker
          2. Closing the Deal
            1. Researching prospects
            2. Preparing for the client meeting
          3. Using LinkedIn to Help You Complete the Sale
            1. Getting help to deliver the solution
            2. Reporting a positive sale
        4. Chapter 17: Venture Capital and Angel Funding
          1. Finding Potential Investors
            1. Getting advice from LinkedIn Influencers
            2. Building your dream team
            3. Putting it all together
          2. Finding Potential Investments
            1. Looking in your network
            2. Doing your due diligence
        5. Chapter 18: Miscellaneous Creative Uses of LinkedIn
          1. Mashing LinkedIn with Other Services
            1. LinkedIn and Google News Alerts
            2. LinkedIn Updates and RSS feeds
            3. LinkedIn and the Xobni e-mail plug-in
          2. Building Your Focus Group
          3. Using Location-Based LinkedIn Ideas
            1. Building your network before moving to a new city
            2. Arranging face-to-face meetings when traveling
            3. Networking with LinkedIn . . . in person!
      7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 19: Ten LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts
          1. Do Keep Your Profile Complete and Current
          2. Don't Use Canned Invitations
          3. Don't Expect Everyone to Network Like You Do
          4. Do Your Homework
          5. Do Give LinkedIn Messages Equal Importance
          6. Don't Spam
          7. Do Be Proactive About Making New Connections
          8. Do Cross-Promote
          9. Do Add Value to the Process
          10. Don't Confuse Quantity with Quality
        2. Chapter 20: Ten LinkedIn Resources
          1. The Official LinkedIn Blog
          2. LinkedIn Labs
          3. LinkedIn Learning Webinars
          4. MyLinkWiki
          5. RSS Feeds with Feedspot
          6. Linked Intelligence Blog
          7. Rock the World with LinkedIn — Podcast
          8. Digsby Social Networking/IM/E-Mail Tool
          9. Turn Business Cards into LinkedIn Contacts with CardMunch
          10. One Update for Multiple Sites with HootSuite
      8. About the Author
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. More Dummies Products

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    • Title: LinkedIn For Dummies, 3rd Edition
    • Author(s): Joel Elad
    • Release date: February 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118822210