Chapter 8

Exploring the Power of Recommendations

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding recommendations

arrow Writing a good recommendation

arrow Requesting a recommendation

arrow Declining a recommendation or a request for one

arrow Managing your recommendations

Endorsements and testimonials have long been a mainstay of traditional marketing. But really, how much value is there in reading testimonials on someone's own Web site, like the following:

Maria is a great divorce attorney — I'd definitely use her again.

Elizabeth T. London


Jack is a fine lobbyist — a man of impeccable character.

Emanuel R. Seattle

Without knowing who these people are, anyone reading the testimonials tends to be highly skeptical about them. At the very least, the reader wants to know that they're real people who have some degree of accountability for those endorsements.

The reader is looking for something called social validation. Basically, that's just a fancy-shmancy term meaning that a person feels better about his decision to conduct ...

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