Chapter 19

Ten LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts

In This Chapter

arrow Managing setup and maintenance to get the most out of LinkedIn

arrow Following netiquette to keep from alienating contacts

arrow Keeping your LinkedIn activity more personal and less mechanical

I cover a lot of ground in this book — so much that it might be hard to remember it all as you're going about your daily use of LinkedIn. So here are ten essential do's and don'ts to help you build relationships and get the most value out of LinkedIn.

Do Keep Your Profile Complete and Current

Even though LinkedIn has many features, your profile is still one of the most compelling reasons to use the Web site, which is why LinkedIn is one of the best searchable databases of businesspeople available. And if you want to be found by others, you need to make sure that your data is complete and current. Here are a few of ways to do that:

  • List all your former employers and schools. Several features help users find and connect with former colleagues and classmates (see Chapter 6). Including your complete work and educational background in your profile can help you reconnect.

    If you've had a lengthy career, you don't necessarily need to include details ...

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