Chapter 8

Understanding Your News Feed


check Customizing your news feed

check Reading the news feed when you’re on the go

check Setting up digest notifications

check Managing interactions after you publish a post

As far back as 1597, Sir Francis Bacon said that “Knowledge is power.” Today’s information age only emphasizes how true that point still is. We are constantly using the tools at our disposal to stay better informed and become better at what we do, for our career and our lives in general. LinkedIn strives to support that goal for its members, beyond the core tools of networking and advertising your skills with your profile.

Enter the LinkedIn news feed. In 2013, LinkedIn purchased the popular Pulse news feed application for $90 million and began to integrate the app into the overall LinkedIn website. Simply put, the news feed pulls together traditional and user-based news for its members to browse, share, and discuss. The goal is to create a news feed that’s tailored to each member, increasing the likelihood that news is shared among this networked community.

In this chapter, I discuss ...

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