Chapter 6

Impressing with the Right Profile Picture


check Understanding why you need a profile picture

check Choosing and uploading your profile picture

check Deciding between a selfie or professional photographer

check Presenting yourself in the best professional light

Your LinkedIn profile picture is an integral part of your personal branding statement. It’s imperative that you get it right, and yet so many people get it wrong. The highest-level executive uploads a snapshot of himself wearing a Hawaiian shirt. A smart entrepreneur uses a photo from her friend’s wedding and crops out three-quarters of her date’s face. The professional who can manage complex projects chooses a photo of himself holding the family pet.

Your LinkedIn profile picture should showcase you as a professional who commands respect. This chapter walks you through the steps of finding just the right profile picture that presents you in the most professional light and elevates your professional brand. You learn why you need a great photo, how to take your own photo, how to work with a photographer if you get a professional ...

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