Chapter 9

Creating a Powerful Experience


check Adding, editing, and removing experiences

check Showcasing your career trajectory

check Optimizing your experiences for LinkedIn search

check Highlighting your accomplishments

Apowerful experience on your LinkedIn profile is different from a powerful experience on your resume. People are checking you out on LinkedIn to learn more about you. A powerful experience provides just enough information to compel your reader to want to learn more. For that reason, don’t simply copy and paste your resume experiences into your LinkedIn profile. Instead, tell a story about your experience. In a conversational voice, explain to your reader your roles and responsibilities. Highlight a few accomplishments. Give readers something different from what they’d find on your resume.

If readers are so moved by what they see on your LinkedIn profile and they request your resume, the worst thing in the world is for your resume to look exactly like what they just saw on LinkedIn. You’ve left them wanting more only to give them a duplicate of what they already know. ...

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