Chapter 13

Following Groups, Companies, and Influencers


check Handpicking the groups on your profile

check Following the right influencers and news topics

check Showing allegiance to companies and schools

Your LinkedIn activity is reflected on your profile. The LinkedIn Groups you join and the influencers and news topics you follow all show up at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile. Rather than ignore this area, build up your brand and online persona by following the right groups, influencers, news topics, companies, and schools to align with your LinkedIn goals.

In this chapter, you learn the importance of joining LinkedIn Groups (and it’s not just for the discussion value) and how to choose the best groups. I also show you how to optimize the Following section by choosing the right influencers, news topics, companies, and schools to complete the construction of your profile to your desired brand vision.

Lastly, I show you how to blog on LinkedIn to further develop your professional presence and showcase yourself as a thought leader. Let’s get started!

Understanding the Importance of Groups

The groups you join on LinkedIn are listed toward the bottom of your profile in the Interests ...

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