Chapter 18

Ten Tips for a Perfect Profile Picture


Bullet Taking a good professional picture

Bullet Modeling to catch your good side

Bullet Using Photoshop to improve the image

Say “Cheese!” Your profile picture is your face to the world. Don’t settle for an “in the car” selfie. Every reader of your profile inspects your image. Make sure what they see aligns with your brand and portrays you in the best light. Here are ten tips that will help take your so-so profile picture to amazing heights.

Hire a Professional Photographer

So many people tell me that using a professional photographer is outside their budget. I don’t buy it! They probably never shopped around. There are zillions of photographers out there offering affordable options.

Do an Internet search for: Photography [Your Town], [Your State]

For example: Photography Delran, NJ

This produces a listing of all photographers in your local area. Review the list, visit their websites, and check out their portfolios. Call those photographers who feel right to you. Ask for pricing. You’ll find that most photographers want your business and will work with you to make your session affordable to you.

In case your Internet search fails ...

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