Chapter 5

Identifying Leads


check Deciding on your sales preferences

check Using the search functions

check Customizing your search criteria

check Narrowing down search results with Sales Spotlights

Leads are the bread and butter of social selling. Heck, it’s the bread and butter of any selling. It just so happens that finding and collecting leads is what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is all about. (Lucky you!)

Social-selling success is not just about getting leads on paper, however. In order to make the best use of your time and energy, it’s important to be able to focus on only those prospects with whom you have the best chance at successfully connecting. There is no use in sending messages to people who haven’t been on LinkedIn in six months, for example. To get the most out of your Sales Navigator account, you should master the art of performing successful searches.

In this chapter, I go into the practical details of conducting Sales Navigator searches. I take you through the different types of searches, how to narrow down criteria before the search, and then how to apply the appropriate ...

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