196 Chapter 4
WRT54G Fun Projects
If you are interested in wardriving, the first sections of this chapter showed you how to build a self-
contained wardriving-in-a-box kit. Combine this with some of the battery power projects found in
Chapter 7, and you should be able to build a solution for wardriving on the go. Connect all of those
new gaming systems and DVRs to a WRT54G for an extensible media adapter that supports either
routed or bridge networking and WPA. Impress all of your friends with your very own captive portal
or "hotspot" that is self-contained and does not require a subscription. Finally, make calls on the
Internet by turning your WRT54G into a full-fledged phone system using Asterisk.
As you can see, the WRT54G platform is quite extensible, as shown in the projects in this
chapter. Certainly, this is only the tip of the iceberg for projects! Through support from the OpenWrt
developers and other package maintainers, you can extend the functionality of your WRT54G
beyond the default configuration.
Solutions Fast Track
Wardr ivin g- in- a-B ox
This mod requires a working serial port and a working SD card on your WRT54G. These
two hardware hacks are described in Chapter 7.
V------d The Kismet server will capture all of your wardriving information, and save it to the SD
card once it has been properly configured.
[-¢1 The Kismet server will interact with GPSs to obtain latitude and longitude data from a
serial GPS, and log this information when wireless networks are discovered.
l-----d You can remove the SD card and analyze the captured information in a different system
after your wardrive.
Setting Up a Wireless Media Adapter
[-'d There are a few different ways to create a wireless bridge?namely, routed mode and bridge
[-4I Routed mode will support WPA2, whereas bridge mode supports only WPA.
V------d In routed bridge mode, you will need to edit/etc/firewall.user to allow management traffic
and access to hosts behind the bridge.
Captive Portal-in-a-Box
A wireless captive portal is a great way to provide guest access to your network.You can
build a captive portal that runs entirely on a WRT54G.

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