Chapter 16. Ten LINQ Resources

In This Chapter

  • Using the Microsoft Developer Network

  • Discovering blogs as a helpful source of information

  • Relying on third-party Web site support

  • Relying on third-party newsletter and blog support

  • Obtaining additional LINQ to Object projects

  • Finding additional LINQ to SQL projects

  • Getting hold of additional LINQ to XML projects

  • Acquiring help with other LINQ to project types

  • Getting help with C# development projects

  • Finding help with Visual Basic development projects

It's always helpful to know where you can go for additional information and tools and enhancements when creating your LINQ applications. This book already contains a number of useful resources in other chapters. For example, you discover the VLinq Visual Studio add-in in Chapter 14. Chapter 10 describes XML Notepad, a tool you can use with any XML file, and tells you where to locate it online.

All the tools listed in this book provide some helpful way of increasing your productivity, and you should at least try them when creating your first several LINQ applications. You might be surprised to find that they really do help you produce better application with less effort and in less time than coding everything by hand.


Before you visit any of the Web sites in this chapter, make sure you know the latest information about LINQ itself. The first place you should go is the main LINQ Web page at This Web site is where Microsoft posts the latest LINQ ...

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