Chapter 3

Programming in Linux


Bullet Understanding programming

Bullet Exploring software-development tools in Linux

Bullet Compiling and linking programs with GCC

Bullet Using make

Bullet Debugging programs with gdb

Bullet Understanding the implications of GNU, GPL, and LGPL

Linux comes loaded with all the tools you need to develop software; often, all you have to do is install them. In particular, Linux has all the GNU software-development tools, such as GCC (C and C++ compiler), GNU make, and the GNU debugger. Whereas the previous two chapters look at some simple tools and shell scripts, this chapter introduces you to programming, describes the software-development tools, and shows you how to use them. Although I provide examples in the C and C++ programming languages, the focus isn't on showing you how to program in those languages but on showing you how to use various software-development tools (such ...

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