3.1. Cron and crontab

Cron is the system’s main scheduler for running jobs or tasks unattended. A command called crontab allows the user to submit, edit or delete entries to cron. A crontab file is a user file that holds the scheduling information. You can use crontab to run any of your scripts or one-liners every hour, or maybe just three days a week, it’s up to you. Each user can have their own crontab file if they wish, but on large systems root usually disallows this and just uses one main crontab file for the whole system. Root is able to do this because of a file called ‘cron.deny’ and ‘cron.allow’ where root can specify who can and cannot have their own crontab s.

3.1.1. crontab fields

To be able to run tasks at certain times you need ...

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