APPENDIX BExercise Answers

This appendix provides answers to each of the chapter exercises. There are many ways to accomplish tasks in Linux. Suggested answers are provided herein.

Some of the exercises require that you modify system files that could change the basic functioning of your system, or even make your system unbootable. Therefore, I recommend that you do the exercises on a Linux system that you are free to modify and erase if something should go wrong. Using virtual machines, that you can discard when you are done, is an excellent option.

Chapter 1: Starting with Linux

There are no exercises in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Creating the Perfect Linux Desktop

This section details some ways that these tasks can be completed on both the GNOME 2 and GNOME 3 desktops.

  1. To get started, you need a Linux system in front of you to do the procedures in this book. An installed system is preferable, so you don't lose your changes when you reboot. To start out, you can use a Fedora Live CD (or installed system), an Ubuntu installed system, or a Red Hat Enterprise Linux installed system. Here are your choices:
    1. Fedora Live CD (GNOME 3): Get a Fedora Live CD as described in Appendix A. Run it live, as described in the section “Starting with the Fedora GNOME Desktop Live image” in Chapter 2, or install it and run it from hard disk as described in Chapter 9, “Installing Linux.”
    2. Ubuntu (GNOME 3): Install Ubuntu and the GNOME Shell software, as described at the beginning of Chapter 2

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