Appendix B. Entering the Linux Community

Using and playing with Linux is great fun. Connecting up with others who share your joy in Linux can make the whole Linux experience that much better. Some of the ways you can connect to the Linux community include:

  • Joining a Linux User Group (LUG)

  • Contributing to an open source project

  • Asking or answering questions at online Linux forums

  • Connecting to a Linux IRC chat room

Activity in the Linux and the open source communities has grown so dramatically in recent years that many diverse outlets exist for learning and getting to know other Linux enthusiasts. This appendix contains a variety of resources that you can use to help you expand your knowledge and activity in Linux and its growing communities.

If you find that Linux is something you enjoy and want to help to flourish in the future, there are a variety of ways in which you can become a Linux advocate. Some ways of getting information on Linux advocacy information are included later in this appendix.

General Linux Sites

While is probably the news site that most Linux enthusiasts keep track of and participate in, there are many other places to look for Linux and open source news as well.

  • Slashdot (—Probably the top news site for open source devotees. People submit links to news articles, book reviews, and interviews related to technology, science, politics, or other "news for nerds." Then everyone piles on with their own commentaries. Having your book or project "slashdotted" ...

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