Chapter 12. Running Yellow Dog Linux


  • Digging into Yellow Dog Linux

  • Installing Yellow Dog Linux

  • Running Mac-on-Linux

Yellow Dog Linux is one of the premier Linux distributions for the PowerPC (PPC) platform. Offered by Terra Soft Solutions (, Yellow Dog Linux provides unparalleled concentration on the needs of the PowerPC users.

Because most Linux distributions focus on the Intel/AMD (x86) platform, it's sometimes startling to realize that there's a major Linux distribution, with a passionate community of its own, providing a strong presence in the world of PowerPCs. Distributions such as Ubuntu provide PowerPC versions of their releases and have dedicated PowerPC developers. Yellow Dog, however, is solely dedicated to PowerPC and similar processors. To go after PowerPC enthusiasts, Terra Soft Solutions tailors its Yellow Dog Linux to include the multimedia and ease-of-use features that Apple users expect.

This chapter aims at introducing you to Yellow Dog Linux and how it is moving forward to cater to those who love Apple's PowerPC hardware but are drawn to Linux.

Yellow Dog Linux is not included on the CD or DVD that come with this book. You can purchase Yellow Dog Linux from Terra Soft Solutions ( or download the four-CD installation set from a Yellow Dog Linux mirror site (for a list of mirror sites, see See Appendix A for information on burning CDs.

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