Appendix A. Media

The DVD and CD that accompany Linux Bible 2010 Edition contain a variety of Linux systems that you can use. Some of these Linux systems you can boot and run live, whereas you can use others to install a Linux system permanently to hard disk. Some can do both.

Most of the Linux systems included here are slightly remastered versions of official live and installation CDs that come from different Linux projects. Changes made to those CDs were made exclusively to allow each to be booted from a single boot screen on the DVD or CD. After you have selected a Linux to start up, however, it should behave exactly as the original CD from the selected Linux project.

General information on running live or installing the various Linux distributions on the CD and DVD is in Chapter 8. Specific instructions for using and installing each Linux distribution are contained in the other chapters in Part V (see Chapters 17 through 28).


The software contained on the CD and DVD is covered under the GNU Public License (GPL) or other licenses included on the medium for each software distribution. Use the software on the DVD and CD (as you would any GPL software) at your own risk. Refer to README, RELEASE-NOTES, and any licensing files delivered with each distribution, and be sure that you agree with the terms they spell out before using the software.

Finding Linux Distributions on the DVD

The following sections describe the Linux distributions on the DVD that accompanies this book. All of ...

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